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Sebastien David- The One Who Looks at Stars & Planets to Show Him How to Grow


Sebastien David

Thank you Meghan Ivey for this post from Loire!

When we arrived at Sebastien David in St. Nicholas de Bourgueil the weather could not have been more beautiful. Spring had been a challenge for many all over France, and the Loire was no exception, with as much as 60-100 percent loss of certain parcels among producers in the area. Rain, hail, frost, you name it…they got it. Water was the issue. There was enough of it to cause problems with frost, but not enough of it to spray properly with copper. It would slide right off the grapes, and into the soil. Read more

Eight Generations at Domaine des Huards

Domaine des Huards, T. Edward Wines, New York importer, organic wines

Alex Gendrier

Thank you Suzanne Barros for this post from Cour-Cheverny!

Our host for the tour of Domaine des Huards, tasting and fantastic lunch was Alex Gendrier, the 8th generation to run the estate in Cour-Cheverny, a small appellation with only 58ha of vines. Alex’s father Michel Gendrier stopped using chemicals in the vineyards in the 70s, began farming biodynamically in the 90s (one of the first estates in the Loire to do so) and by 1995 all of the production was biodynamic. Their received organic certification in 1998, and biodynamic certification in 2010 and they only use estate grown fruit from healthy vines that showcases their terroir and vintage. There are still issues that can occur throughout the year, but they believe that taking care of the vines in this manner makes them stronger and more resistant to disease pressure. Read more

Long Live Marc Pichon 1963-2016


With tears in my eyes, I must share with you all some very sad news.

We lost a loving brother, an eccentric, loyal and devoted family member last night Sept. 10, 2016.
He was phenomenally chaotic, brilliant, honest, dutiful and legendary in his generosity. Marc brought light to the core of T Edward.

Our history is filled with indelible Pichon moments, we’ll miss you. RIP Marc Pichon.

-T. Byrnes Read more

Naturally Made Wines – A State of Mind with Sebastien David & Chahut et Prodiges

T. Edward Wines, New York organic wine importer, Chahut et Prodiges

Chahut et Prodiges

Much has changed in the perception, production and market of naturally made wines over the past ten years. Of course we’ve had winegrowers such as Robert Sinskey who has been organic and Demeter certified for 25 years, and Pierre Frick who has farmed organically since 1970 and biodynamically since 1981, but ‘natural wines’? That’s another story. This week, we sat with Sebastien David, Gregory Leclerc of Chahut et Prodiges and his wife Anne Paillet of Dm Autour de L’Anne, to discuss organic and biodynamic wines in France and abroad. Read more

Organically Farming Corbières with Sainte Croix

T. Edward Wines, New York organic wine importer & distributor, Sainte Croix, Corbieres

Sainte Croix, Corbières

In 2004, when Jon and Elizabeth Bowen of Sainte Croix were looking for a property to call their own, Jon had a few prerequisites in mind. “Old Carignan, old Grenache and limestone,” he said. “And then we came across an area which I now know as Hautes Corbières, which I didn’t really know at all because like everyone else you either go down the coast, without getting too tied up in the geography, or you go way inland. There’s a zone between the two, which always gets bypassed, which is kind of cool because it’s the best bit,” he added and laughed. “The first time I saw that, I thought firstly, how do I not know about this and secondly, I think we can call the search off now.” Read more

Organic Matter & Biodynamics at Huia Vineyards

T. Edward Wines, New York fine wine importer/distributor, biodynamic vineyards, Huia Vineyards

Buckwheat cover crops at Huia

“I think a lot of people find a lot of things about biodynamics to be strange,” said Mike Allan of Huia Vineyards, “but working around the moon and the natural cycles is incredibly normal in human activity. We work with the tides. Conventional farming understands that you work around the seasons. To me it makes perfect sense. The more we do it, the more you feel it. For us,” he continued, “we’ve got a completely balanced ecosystem and there is a constant improvement to the soils. You recognize that your vineyard is not an isolated bit of ground. It’s an integral part of everything.” Read more

The TEW Tour of California, Part 1

T. Edward Wines, New York wine importer/distributor, Matthew Rorick,

Matthew Rorick of Forlorn Hope

The T. Edward team is recently back from a whirlwind tour of our winegrowers in California. Here’s a few excerpts from our team, beginning with Forlorn Hope by Danielle Hilty.

It would suffice to say that the team was extremely excited to get off our 80s-era school bus after a bumpy 2 hour drive from Sacramento into the foothills of Calaveras County, farther east than most wine tourists ever tread. The property was purchased in 2013 by Matthew Rorick and his family as the new home of Forlorn Hope Wines. And it is massive. With 80 acres planted to about 20 varieties, Matthew has plenty to do, as he is a one-man show all but during harvest. And even then, he explained to us at the top of the property, a red mountain of volcanic clay soil hiding gray schist and quartzite deposits, he works around the clock. It’s this element (pun intended) that makes the undertaking worth it to him, a rare deposit of limestone in northern California. For winemakers looking for good grape soil, limestone is as good as gold, that soft yellow medal discovered only 20 miles north a California-lifetime ago. Read more

Robert Sinskey Abraxas 2003-2013


Robert Sinskey Abraxas Vertical 2003-2013

Recently, we had the honor of celebrating ten years of Robert Sinskey Abraxas at The Modern with Maria Sinskey. “A once in a life time event, even for me,” said Maria, “with so little reserves at the winery.” A white vin de terroir from Robert Sinskey’s organic Scintilla Sonoma Vineyard that is planted to three of the four noble grapes of Alsace (Riesling, Pinot Gris, and Gewurztraminer with a touch of Pinot Blanc), Abraxas is a blend whose composition depends on how each varietal reacts to the vintage. As Maria discussed the history and inspiration of the wine along with Sinskey’s commitment to organic and biodynamic viticulture, we tasted through the vintages, beginning with the first, Abraxas 2003. Read more

Team TEW Rides the South of France

T. Edward Wines, New York wine importer/distributor, Organic wine importer, La Provencal Sainte Victoire

On Sunday, a few of us rode La Provençale Sainte-Victoire, a 95KM ride in Provence. A stunning course that included three pretty serious climbs (totaling 4,130 feet), and some harrowing descents, it was the most beautiful 95K that I have ever ridden, scented with lilacs, lavender and shrub Provencal herbs. And while my training had been pretty threadbare, I dug the paced commitment required to reach the top of Sainte Victoire, Côte de Bèdes and Col du Sambuc (a 6.5 mile climb). The guys fared a bit faster, pace-lining with some winter training to their legs. But we all loved riding in France, where cycling is a revered spectator sport.  Read more

All in the Family, Succession at Tenuta Fiorano with Prince Alessandrojacopo

T. Edward Wines, New York organic wine importer/distributor, Tenuta di FioranoPrince Alessandrojacopo of Tenuta Fiorano

“In 1998, he told me everything about the Tenuta Fiorano estate. He told me everything about the vineyard, the wine, the vines. The method of producing wines,” said Alessandrojacopo Boncompagni Ludovisi, of his cousin Prince Alberico. “So, in this moment, I started this relationship with my cousin, getting closer each year.” After he tore up his vines, he began to recognize himself in his younger cousin. And while no one can say at exactly what point Prince Alberico realized he would pass his estate to Prince Alessandrojacopo, in retrospect, the latter realized that he was being tested and trained. Read more