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The Grand Tasting 2016

T. Edward Wines, New York City, Public Theater, Grand Tasting, Craft Spirits, Organic wines, Importer/distributor of fine winesThank YOU to the amazing 150 vignerons who came to our Grand Tasting at the Public Theater on Tuesday. And thank YOU to the 800+ who attended. If anyone has ever questioned why we do what we do, or how we have gained our reputation in the market, the photos below will tell you all. But enough from us, let’s pass the mike to the people themselves. Read more

Harvesting in Burgundy with Patrick Burke

T. Edward Wines, Organic wine importer, Harvest Report 2014, Patrick Burke at Didier DelagrangePatrick Burke harvesting in Pommard at Domaine Delagrange

As most of you know, Patrick Burke, our French Portfolio Manager is living the year in Lyon. He spent the past couple of weeks harvesting the rounds with our producers in Burgundy before heading to Barolo for Barolo Camp with Greg Reeves, our Italian Portfolio Manager, and a few reps. What follows is Patrick’s (#ExPat) report from the field. Merci Patrick! Read more

Domaine Roger Belland Satenay 1er Cru “Beauregard” 2009

T. Edward Wines, New York Wine importer/distributor, Domaine Roger Belland Santenay 1er Cru "Beauregard" 2009

From the first solo vintage of Julie Belland, the sixth generation vintner/daughter of Roger Belland, comes Domaine Roger Belland Satenay 1er Cru “Beauregard” 2009.  In the family since 1839, the Domaine holds 23ha, 3.04ha of which are located in the 1er Cru Beauregard.  Divided amongst four parcels, all of which are facing southeast, and can be viewed here, the 30-year-old Pinot Noir vines are planted to soils of fairly stony clay-limestone.  To eliminate the need for treatments, the Bellands keep grass between the rows of vines, which helps maintain the structure of the soil while preventing any possible dilution of fruit.

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Looking Back on Burgundy

T. Edward Wines, Jean-Michel Gaunoux, Organic Wine Importer, Karen Ulrich for T. Edward Wines

Jean-Michel Gaunoux gripped by the jaws of his cellar pooch

Last year, we  journeyed to Burgundy to visit with our producers, a trip that resulted in the most recent addition to our French Portfolio, Domaine de la Douaix.  And so, as we were reflecting, we thought we’d revisit the posts that came of the trip (with a selection of unpublished photographs), for those who might have missed them the first time around.



A warm and unassuming man, Jean-Michel Gaunoux led us with a soft smile down to the cellar, where we perused the dusty bottles lying in wait.  Here, amidst barrels and spectacular patterns of mold on the vaulted brick walls, he holds each vintage until it’s ready to be released, including his 1998 Pommard, which apparently is still too tight for the market.  After a brief tour, we ascended the spiral staircase to visit the tasting room, so that we could taste through the bottles…(Read more here.)

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“Vinification 2012” at Domaine Roger Belland


We just received this video from our dear friend Julie Belland, made by her father, Roger Belland, in Burgundy’s Santenay.  Titled, “Vinification 2012”, the video is viewable HERE.  Thanks Julie!

In The Vineyard with Julie Belland

Julie Belland at the gates of Chassagne-Montrachet Morgeot Premier Cru Clos Pitois

Bordering Santenay in Chassagne-Montrachet, sits Clos Pitois, the 3ha monopole of Domaine Roger Belland.  Created in 1421, this climat is planted to half Pinot Noir and half Chardonnay, and was purchased by Julie Belland’s grandfather on his wedding day in the 1950’s, when he then replanted Clos Pitois for the fifth time since its original planting by the monks of Abbaye de Morgeot, the remains of which sit just down the road.

Julie, a young and vivacious vintner with a funky flair, produced her first solo vintage at her father’s Domaine in 2009, and had just showcased her wines at the Salon des Jeunes Talents at Les Grands Jours de Bourgogne.  We were so happy to have had much time at Julie’s side, as she’s such a joyful presence, and she makes incredible wines.  After meeting Julie at the Domaine, we drove to Clos Pitois, where she explained how she works the vineyards.   Read more

Early Spring in Burgundy

A picnic downslope from Volnay

On our trip to Burgundy, I took over 500 photos, many of which will not make it into our blog posts about our vignerons.  And so…I thought we might celebrate the visual delights of spring in the City with some eye candy from Burgundy…

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Next Week: Beaune Bound

Julie Belland by Wine Terroirs

Next week, the ladies of TEW are Burgundy Bound.  Bursting at the seams of spring, we cannot wait to step foot into Beaune, where we’ll be attending the Grands Jours de Bourgogne, Salon des Jeunes Talents.  Arriving in Paris on Thursday morning, we’ll acclimate before visiting with Jean-Michel Gaunoux, our Meursault producer with three 1er Cru sites in “Perrieres”, “Genevrieres”, and “Les Gouttes d’Or”.  It’s the first time in Burgundy for all of us but one, and we look forward to setting our palates right with Gaunoux, whose family has been in the Cote d’Or for centuries.

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Domaine Roger Belland

As the sixth generation vintner at Domaine Roger Belland, Julie Belland has full responsibility at her father’s winery and vineyard; 2009 was her first solo vintage.  “Julie runs the Domaine and makes the wines…she’s a young dynamic woman in a male-dominated scene,” says Patrick Burke, our French Portfolio Director.

With 23 hectares to cultivate, Domaine Belland has avoided herbicides by using ploughing to control weed growth for the past 20 years.  This practice, used in conjunction with grass sown between the rows of vines, has enabled the Bellands to fight erosion and control yields, to produce complex, concentrated wines.

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Burgundy Tasting at Studio TEW

Monday night, we hosted a tasting at Studio TEW to showcase our Burgundy wines.  Featuring selections from Romain Bouchard in Chablis, alongside wines from Domaine Roger Belland, Domaine Jean-Michel Gaunoux, Domaine Delagrange, and Domaine Tortochot, all of whom reside in Cote d’Or, the event was held in house–an intimate space –for some of our closest friends at T. Edward Wines.

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