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Long Live Marc Pichon 1963-2016


With tears in my eyes, I must share with you all some very sad news.

We lost a loving brother, an eccentric, loyal and devoted family member last night Sept. 10, 2016.
He was phenomenally chaotic, brilliant, honest, dutiful and legendary in his generosity. Marc brought light to the core of T Edward.

Our history is filled with indelible Pichon moments, we’ll miss you. RIP Marc Pichon.

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Team TEW Rides the South of France

T. Edward Wines, New York wine importer/distributor, Organic wine importer, La Provencal Sainte Victoire

On Sunday, a few of us rode La Provençale Sainte-Victoire, a 95KM ride in Provence. A stunning course that included three pretty serious climbs (totaling 4,130 feet), and some harrowing descents, it was the most beautiful 95K that I have ever ridden, scented with lilacs, lavender and shrub Provencal herbs. And while my training had been pretty threadbare, I dug the paced commitment required to reach the top of Sainte Victoire, Côte de Bèdes and Col du Sambuc (a 6.5 mile climb). The guys fared a bit faster, pace-lining with some winter training to their legs. But we all loved riding in France, where cycling is a revered spectator sport.  Read more

“Sauvage” from Marc Pichon

T. Edward Wines, Organic Wine Distributor, Marc Pichon, Karen Ulrich for T. Edward Wines

Marc Pichon of Anne Pichon

Walking past barrels in the cellar of Anne Pichon‘s Domaine de Murmurium, Marc Pichon squeezes through a sliver between the wall and racks of wine, and motions for us to follow. The ceiling is low and the space is tight, a true lemon-squeezer, but we are on his heels and surprised find ourselves in a partially excavated cellar.  Eager to view the property’s soil profile of limestone with sand and stone, we didn’t expect to find it in Pichon’s cellar where it could, at any moment, topple upon our heads, but that is the nature of Pichon, a true “Sauvage” of a winemaker from Côte de Ventoux.

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A TEW Tasting – New Rosé & Spring Selections

T. Edward Wines, New York wine importer/distributor, Organic wine importer/distributor, Rosé Wines, Karen Ulrich for T. Edward Wines

Yesterday we celebrated spring a day early with a tasting of New Rosé wines and Spring Selections.  In spite of the snow, hail and rain that’d descended upon the city during those past 24 hours, a cross section of New York’s top somms and buyers were ready to add a splash of color to their wine lists and shop shelves.  With a selection of 38 white wines and 23 rosés, including a number of new additions such as Matthiasson Syrah Rosé 2012, Mauritson Family Vineyards White Zin 2012, and Josep Foraster Trepat Cava Rosé 2012, we spun vinyl on the turntable while the room kept filling.

“I’m excited to see your expansion of the domestic portfolio, that people are taking this category seriously,” said Sarah Chappell, wine writer and buyer at vine wine in Brooklyn.  “The Sinskey Vin Gris is a flag bearer of domestic rosé, next to the new kids like Matthiasson.”

And though Steve Matthiasson has been growing vines and making wines on the West Coast for over ten years, it’s just now that his wines have cannonballed the New York market.

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Vinisud 2012

Vinisud 2012. One of the most comprehensive and well organized wine expos.

We’ve just received a few photos from JP, who attended Vinisud 2012 this past week with Patrick (our French Portfolio Director) and our visionary leader, TEB.  Hosted in Montpellier, France, Vinisud is a Mediterranean wines trade fair that features French producers from Lanquedoc, Roussillon, Provence, the Rhone Valley, Corsica and South-West, alongside wineries from Spain, Italy, Portugal, Tunisia, Turkey, Morocco and Algeria.  As noted in the images below, Vinisud is also well attended by a number of our producers…

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TEW Goes Mediterranean at Medi Wine Bar

The other week, Georgia and I dropped by to see Dorian, the Albanian proprietor at Medi Wine Bar, an intimate Mediterranean spot on 9th Avenue, between 53rd and 54th.  Cozy and rustic upstairs and down, with stone washed walls, countryside tables, and hanging glass lamps, Medi offers a regional menu with small plates and entrees, and over 50 wines by the glass.  Showcasing the expected alongside the up and coming (and ancient!), Medi offers wines from Italy, Spain and France, with representation from Turkey, Croatia, Montenegro, Israel and Lebanon. Having passed by Medi a number of times, I was glad to have finally entered; it’s a warm reprieve from the soulless establishments that line the bulk of 9th Avenue.

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Stages 13-15 & TEW Takes Mt. Ventoux

Anne Pichon & Voeckler in the Leader’s Jersey

From Pau to Lourdes, Stage 13 circled a part of the Pyrenees in the southwest of France, and ended with a 16.4km hors categorie ascent up col d’ Aubisque. Originally created to classify mountain roads that cars could not expect to pass, the hors categorie climb still separates the climbers and the GC contenders from the rest of the peloton.

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