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Do the (RED) Thing – Billecart-Salmon Brut Reserve


This month, Billecart-Salmon joins (RED), to mark its 10-year anniversary in the fight against AIDS. With $350 million already raised for the Global Fund to fight AIDS, (RED) was founded in 2006 by Bono and Bobby Shriver. With these funds, Global Fund estimates that over 70 million people have been affected by their efforts in prevention, treatment, counseling, HIV testing and care. In joining the crusade to end AIDS, the Billecart family is donating 10% of the retail price of each bottle of Billecart-Salmon Brut Reserve NV, which will provide 16 days of lifesaving medication to help prevent HIV+ pregnant women from passing the virus to their babies. Read more

Waging the Good Fight at Cascina Ca’Rossa

T. Edward Wines, Cascina Ca'Rossa, Organic Wines

Stefano Ferrio

This week, JP Schultz reflects on his summer visit to Cascina Ca’Rossa in Roero, Piemonte:

We arrived in the Roero just a few days after the rain let up. Apparently, the tail-end of spring had brought both cold and wet weather, but now in the first days of summer there was a full swing in temperature and we were seeking shade under the 90 degree sun. Read more

Davide Carlone – The Revival of a Great Wine from Alto Piemonte

David Carlone, T. Edward WinesBig thanks for Paul Masters for this piece on Davide Carlone in Piemonte!

Funnily enough, Davide Carlone and his family live in a frazione of Grignasco called Torchio, or “press” in English. When I mentioned this to Davide he looked at me as if he couldn’t believe I’d only just noticed and I was the 50th person to mention it to him that day. Although really, I’d be surprised if he saw 50 people in a week because it’s a quiet, almost empty little place even in the middle of the day, save for the barking of dogs. And there’s a lot of those.  Read more

At the Gate of Manoir de la Tete Rouge


Thanks Paul Boyer for the post from Loire!

On July 7th we made our way through the low hills of Le Puy de Notre Dame in the Loire Valley. Towering above the vines on the central hills is the church’s central spire, where William the 9th is purported to have interred some of the Virgin Mary’s garments after the Crusades.  We were greeted at the gate of Le Manoir de la Tete Rouge, an old self-sustaining farm and fortress dating back to 1649, by vigneron Guillaume Reynouard. Read more

The Good People of Viña Echeverria

T. Edward Wines, New York organic wine importer/distributor, Echeverria, Roberto Echeveria

Roberto Echeverria Jr.

Terence Salmon reflects on his visit to Viña Echeverria in Santiago, Chile:

One of the most rewarding aspects of working at a small, fine wine importer is the friendships that evolve over the years with our many winemakers and winery owners. It’s our job to sell wine, but to also have a personal connection to the family or person that worked hard to give us this very wine in our glass, is truly a special honor.  Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of visiting, for a second time, Roberto Echeverria and his family winery in the Curico Valley, Chile, which is roughly 200km south of the capital city, Santiago.   Read more

The Infectious Spirit of Aldo Sohm


Aldo Sohm at the Aldo Sohm Wine Bar

As I sat with Aldo Sohm at his namesake bar in midtown, I was hoping to gain a little insight on how he trains to win. An innate affinity for recollection? A freakishly sensitive palate, with the intellect to boot? Or does he just work harder than everyone else?

Voted the Best Sommelier of Austria in 2002, just four years after passing his sommelier exam, Aldo held the title for four consecutive years. And then, he moved to America “because of competition,” he said, and won the title of “Best Sommelier in America 2007”, before conquering the world in 2008, as the “Best Sommelier in the World 2008”, as awarded by the World Sommelier Association. Read more

The Gentle Giant, Bertrand Jousset

T. Edward Wines, New York organic wine importer/distributor, organic wines, Domaine Jousset, Bertrand Jousset Clos Renard

Bertrand Jousset at Clos Renard

Danielle Hilty traveled to Loire, where she met up with Bertrand and Lise Jousset in Montlouis sur Loire.

I’ve always felt that a gregarious winemaker makes good wine, perhaps because he appreciates its true purpose is to be shared amongst friends. In my experience, a tall gregarious winemaker makes great wine. As if his wine was somehow his personality incarnate – like the antic that dogs resemble their owners – some winemakers possess the same gentle benevolence or nervous excitement that their wines exude. Bertrand Jousset is that tall winsome winemaker whose wines, like himself, are teeming with personality and flavor. They are both effervescent, and available in large format. Read more

On Knowing Tequila

T. Edward Wines, Craft Spirits, Arette Tequila, Scott Rosenbaum

Scott Rosenbaum, our Spirits Strategist, is back from Jalisco, where he took a trip with our team to visit Arette Tequila. Thanks for the post Scott!

To know a place you must go there. This dictum was never truer than in the case of Tequila. It is a special place where all assumptions about what agriculture is and how it relates to the production of the eponymous spirit are readily dismissed once you start exploring Jalisco. Once there, you discover that most of what us Gringos know about Tequila was learned from a book that either, at best, romanticized the beverage or, at worst, made egregious errors in detailing its production (no, agave is not a cactus). A recent T. Edward visit to the town that lent its name to the spirit came to embody the idea that “you don’t know until you go.” Read more

The Grand Tasting 2016

T. Edward Wines, New York City, Public Theater, Grand Tasting, Craft Spirits, Organic wines, Importer/distributor of fine winesThank YOU to the amazing 150 vignerons who came to our Grand Tasting at the Public Theater on Tuesday. And thank YOU to the 800+ who attended. If anyone has ever questioned why we do what we do, or how we have gained our reputation in the market, the photos below will tell you all. But enough from us, let’s pass the mike to the people themselves. Read more

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

T. Edward Wines, New York fine wine importer/distributor, Vinedo de los Vientos, Uruguay

The crew at Vinedo de los Vientos

Dan George is back from a whirlwind tour of South America, including Uruguay, where the team visited Vinedo de los Vientos. Thanks Dan!

We arrived at the Montevideo airport, on the tail end of a ten day adventure through South America. A trip in which we flew over the Andes 6 different times. At this point in our voyage, despite the tremendous journey we had experienced thus far, we were all feeling a bit depleted. For me personally, exhaustion was setting in and like, in a science fiction movie, where the crew of a spaceship must turn on auxiliary power to continue on their mission, my body was searching for an alternative power source. The boost I needed was found in the greeting we received at the airport from our bus driver Frederico and his girlfriend Daniella. Their smiles, their broken English, the yerba mate and the Bob Marley that was playing on the bus gave us all the rejuvenation we were looking for. Read more