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We Believe in Love

T. Edward Wines & Spirits, organic wine importer/distributor, New York wine importer/distributor

Dispatch from T. Byrnes in Provence:

We believe in Love.   Feb 2014

Love may be understood as a function to keep human beings together against menaces . . .

I met Patrick, John and Looper in Paris last week to recap our year end, recap their previous week in the Loire valley and to recap what makes up life at T Edward.  We recounted our relations with our 50 or so colleagues, our 200 or so winemakers, and our collective 60+ years in the Industry.  Negotiating as a direct importer with same artisans, farmers and families for the past two decades symbolizes more than wine and commerce.

T. Edward Wines, New York wine importer/distributor

Proof that discovering best quality producers never gets tired…they were gleaming with enthusiasm and optimism from their Angers to Bourgueil trek.

Equal parts wine and the culture.  It was obvious to me that we will always keep learning and growing.  This is not in terms of wine knowledge (this helps and is one piece of a very complex puzzle that we all exist in), but more in terms of focus and evolving together.

In Paris: After joining up at one star hotel in the Latin Quarter (ask Patrick) we made our way to Dehillerin to browse copper pots and cutlery at this 200 year old shop.  No purchases made.. pretty good for each of us!   Walking in the rain, extending our hellos to our usual haunts is a very deliberate and cathartic method to gain renewed NYC / American perspective.  Hours later, we were tasting a new vintage from another natural producer who’s been courting us for six months.   That evening we overpaid for a long pretentious dinner (ask Patrick) forced within a tasting menu to drink commercial plonk!  (ask Patrick) .. not so cool.

Six days in the Loire, one day in Paris sifting through the ‘attractive’ personalities of both the upstart importers and the ‘johnny come lately’ types is reason enough for a little poire williams and more than a little vintage port.

T. Edward Wines, New York wine importer/distributor, organic wine importer

What we found was inspiration in a growing field, within a sphere of competent peers.

Engage with the source, never a broker.  

Today in Provence I spent the day with a young intern. My advise was free.. so I gave it.   I spoke today of Love, how brief life is and the importance to embrace your livelihood with passion.  Never aspire to be cool or current….aspire to be healthy and focus on longevity.  We are 20 years today.  The question is not how did we get here.  It’s how will we grow together for 20 more and beyond.  Live well in moderate terms and with reservation.

We believe in Love.

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