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2013 – A Year in Wine

T. Edward Wines, New York wine importer/distributor, Domaine de la Douaix

Mark & Gilles Moustie of Domaine de la Douaix

2013 was an amazing year, leaving lots for which to be grateful in its wake.  A number of winemakers came to town for luncheons including Katharina Prum of J.J. Prum, Bobby Stuckey and Lachlan Patterson of Scarpetta, and Robert Sinskey and Steve Matthiasson; and Ana Cabestrero of El Maestro Sierra, led a sherry seminar in Studio 206, titled, Running the Scales. For the fall season, we joined forces with De Gustibus Cooking School, pairing wines with the plates of famed chefs that included Gabarielle Hamilton of Prune, Wylie Dufresne of wd-50 and Jon Bignelli of Alder, to name a few.  And while the challenges of riding the Gran Fondo New York 2013 are definitely behind us, we still revel in the joys of Txikifest 2013 and fondly recall the rooftop views from the Billecart-Salmon party at Blue Ribbon Izakaya.  However, any reflection upon 2013 would not be complete without looking back on the number of small producers that joined our French, Italian, Domestic, and Iberian portfolios.

Domaine de la Douaix

When we first met Mark and Gilles Moustie, the charmingly affable Belgium father/son team of Domaine de la Douaix, at the Salon des Jeunes Talents at the Grands Jours de Bourgogne, they were one of fifty young winemakers pouring their selections that day.  And though we had tasted through most all of the wines at the event, it was clear to all of us that the wines from this duo were by far, the best that were presented at the Salon des Jeunes Talents.  READ MORE HERE..

T. Edward Wines, New York wine importer/distributor, Calluna Vineyards

David Jeffrey of Calluna Estate

Calluna Estate at Chalk Hill

When David Jeffrey, winegrower, vintner and proprietor at Calluna Estate, heard that the Lurton family of Château Cheval Blanc and Château d’Yquem had purchased the neighboring farm on Chalk Hill, he wasn’t surprised.  ”They were advised [by Pierre Seillan of Verite Wines] that if they wanted Bordeaux growing soil,” said Jeffrey at Tuesday’s Lafayette luncheon, then they “must choose Chalk Hill.”  After all, it’s what brought Jeffrey to the AVA himself.  Striving to “make wines which have the strength of great Bordeaux, but with the attributes of Sonoma terroir,” Jeffrey founded Calluna Estate in 2004 and planted 12 acres at the very top of Chalk Hill, when it was just a barren landscape of tumbleweed and brush. READ MORE HERE…

T. Edward Wines, New York wine importer/distributor, 12 volts wines

Francesce Grimalt of 4Kilos Wine & Jorge Perez, our South American/Iberian Portfolio Director

12 Volts from 4Kilos Wine

The most recent project from 4Kilos Wines in Mallorca, 12Volts began in 2007 and was released at the beginning of 2009 after twelve months in the barrel.  Founded in 2006 by winemaker Francesc Grimalt and Sergio Caballero, a musician and founding partner/co-director of the Sonar festival of advanced music, 4Kilos Wines comes on the heels of Grimalt’s work at Anima Negra Cellar in Mallorca.  ”As one of the founding partners of Anima Negra, he wanted to stay true to his philosophy of making wines,” said Jorge Perez, our Iberian Portfolio Director.  ”His philosophy is simple, supporting the constant interchange of microorganisms with the plants, which allows for a healthier farm.” READ MORE HERE…

T. Edward Wines, New York wine importer/distributor, domaine de les cantates

Domaine les Cantates Cru Chignin Jacquère 

From Cru Chignin, at the base of La Savoyarde in the Bauges mountain range in Savoie, comes Domaine Les Cantatas Cru Chignin Jacquère 2012.  From 30-100 year old Jacquère vines, that until 2008 had been owned and farmed by the family of Rene Quenard for over 300 years, comes this light and refreshing white, just in time for peak heat summer-time drinking.  With 4 of their 18ha planted to Jacquère, one of the most important varietals to Savoie, Claire Taittinger, who’s a native of Savoie, along with her husband Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger of Champagne, purchased this property in 2008. READ MORE HERE…

T. Edward Wines, New York wine importer/distributor, enfield wines. heron lake vineyard

Enfield Wine Company, Heron Lake Vineyard, Wild Horse AVA

Introducing Enfield Wine Company

There are very few winemakers currently in California that have received the same access to land and the tutelage of mentors, as John Lockwood from Enfield Wines.  After working with such esteemed winemakers as David Mahaffey and Ted Lemon, Lockwood was most recently responsible for farming the Failla Sonoma Coast and Russian River properties with Ehren Jordan for the past five years. READ MORE HERE…

T. Edward Wines, New York wine importer/distributor, Pierro Busso vigna treiso

Piero Busso, San Stunet

Welcoming Pierro Busso

Established in 1953 by Piero’s father, Piero Busso resides in Neive, in the northeastern part of Barbaresco DOCG.  ”I’ve been hesitant with Barbaresco,” said Greg Reeves, our Italian Portfolio Director, “because most of the best producers were until now taken, producers that represent true Barbaresco.”  And so it is with patience and pleasure that we welcome Piero Busso, to our portfolio.  Organically farming his four crus, Busso joins the ranks of his Barbaresco peers [Luca] Roagna and [Andrea] Sottimano, in elevating the status of Barbaresco, without confining themselves to the label restraints of ‘traditional’ or ‘modern’ winemaking. READ MORE HERE…

T. Edward Wines, Goatboy Selections, gerald oustric, domaine du mazel

Gerald Oustric of Domaine Le Mazel (photo credit)

Introducing Goatboy Selections

“Natural wines were wild then,” said Byron Bates of Goatboy Selections.  “The highs were high, but there wasn’t much consistency.”   As the wine director at Amy Sacco’s Bette, Bates assembled a list of natural wines that led Eric Asimov to name it one of his three most favorite restaurants in the city.  “We got a big following world wide,” he added.  “We were serving some really funky stuff.”  Once Bette closed in 2008, Bates went on to later develop a sans soufre wine list at Isa in Williamsburg.  “The food coming out of the kitchen was so spectacular, I wanted to do something personal without making it about me, so I experimented with unsulfured wines and found that they matched perfectly.”  Attracted to winemakers who are dogmatic about not using sulfur, Byron added, “If they’re fanatic about not using sulfur, they must be fanatic about the wines themselves.  This was years after Bette.  Now the [natural] wines are stable, clean and focused.” READ MORE HERE…

In 2013, T. Edward also welcomed:

Marilena Barbera from Sicily

Skerlj from Friuli

Brack Mountain Wine Company in Sebastol, CA

Goianea Koop.Elkartea from Txakoli


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