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Roundhouse Pumpkin King Cordial Arrives at Dick & Jane’s

T. Edward Wines, Roundhouse Pumpkin King, Issac Flores, Karen Ulrich for T. Edward Wines

Issac Flores at Dick & Jane’s Bar

Grown just five miles from the Roundhouse Distillery in Boulder, Colorado, the organic baby bear pie pumpkins that went into the inaugural release of Pumpkin King Cordial were harvested just two months ago in September.  Working with his Roundhouse Gin and its 11 certified-organic hand-ground botanicals as the base, distiller Ted Palmer roasted and then macerated the pumpkin with spices and cane sugar for three weeks, before gently filtering and bottling.  Arriving just a few weeks before Thanksgiving, Roundhouse Pumpkin King Cordial landed firstly in the hands of Issac Flores at Dick & Jane’s Bar in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

As we enter Dick & Jane’s, located in an old carriage garage on the corner of Adelphi and Dekalb, aromas of honey and spice stewing on a hotplate sweeten the air of this intimate, softly lit space.  Behind the bar we meet Issac, who came to oversee the revision of Dick & Jane’s just five months ago, and is steeping an essential ingredient to “Civil”, a cocktail that was considered incomplete until the arrival last week of Pumpkin King.

T. Edward Wines & Spirits, Roundhouse Pumpkin King Cordial, Karen Ulrich for T. Edward Wines

“It’s named after a friend’s shaving line,” said Issac, “Civil Grooming, which we wanted to support as much as we can, to keep things in the family.”  Committed to “Keeping Fort Greene Green,” Dick & Jane’s is the only bar in the neighborhood with a cocktail program, that sources its lavender from “a flower guy down the street for infusions” and gets its honey from the Brooklyn Navy Yards.  And while the “Civil” existed before, Issac said, “it needed something to round it out.”

An original mix of Four Roses Bourbon, lemon, McKenzie hard cider, bitters and honey/cinnamon syrup, the “Civil” was originally considered too acidic, too tart for drinking.  “We brought in the Pumpkin to soften the acidity,” said Issac.

“Issac’s cocktail embodies the type of drink that Pumpkin King works best in,” said Scott Rosenbaum, our Spirits Strategist, “it’s a playful mixture of layered and complex flavors.  This is not to say that Pumpkin King cocktails need to be complicated.  I enjoy mixing it one-to-one with pomegranate juice and a dash of fresh-squeezed lemon juice, easy-to-make and delicious.”

T. Edward Wines, New York spirits distributor, Dick & Jane's, Karen Ulrich for T. Edward Wines

And with Pumpkin King being a “field to flask” cordial, it definitely fits the bar’s aesthetic.  “It’s a small bar, so whatever we get here has to be special,” he added, “and Pumpkin King is a solid product.  It’s a pumpkin pie.  I think they nailed the flavor.”

“It’s a unique liqueur that’s all-natural,” added Scott.  “There’s no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial flavors. And as Issac said, it’s pumpkin pie in a bottle.”

For Pumpkin King Cordial and other products from Roundhouse Distillery, click here.

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