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Gallinas y Focas

‘Gallinas y Focas’.  Hens and Seals.

When seeking a producer from Mallorca, Jorge Perez, our Iberian Portfolio Director, found Francesc Grimalt of 4Kilos Wines, an organic farmer and vintner with serious street cred on the island of Mallorca.  True to the place from which he comes, Francesc farms and vinifies with deep respect for the terroir that his grapes exemplify.  With a desire to extend his gifts to the social realm, Francesc joined forces with Amadip Esment, an organization in Palmanova that supports the social integration of intellectually challenged individuals.

A blend of 70% Manto Negro and 30% Syrah, ‘Gallinas y Focas‘ is the fruit of collaboration between 4Kilos Wines and Amadip Esment.  Established in 2004 to improve upon the lives and opportunities of its members, Amadip Esment supports and assists its members with job placement, social housing, and apprenticeships, while encouraging their  full participation  in the winemaking process.  Aiming to socially integrate individuals through a multitude of farm-to-table processes, this NGO provides its members with the opportunity to hand-select the fruit while engaging in the vinification process.

Established in 2006 by Grimalt and Sergio Caballero, 4Kilos Wines works with vineyards that are located in the north and south of Mallorca.  As the winemaker and former partner at Anima Negra Cellar in Mallorca, Grimalt is well-known for rescuing the native grape Gallet, and Caballero comes to the project as a musician who works with multi-media arts and is responsible for the winery’s image.

For the production of Gallinas y Focas, 4Kilos Wines joined forces with three vineyards in the north of Mallorca, approximately 30K from Palma.  With reddish ‘Call Vermell’ soils of clay loam that are abundant in ferric oxide and dotted with stones, the vines are gobelet trained, organically farmed and planted with natural vegetation coverage.

A result of ideas that were generated by the  members of Amadip Esment, the name ‘Gallinas y Focas’ translates as Hens and Seals.  When asked why they had chosen such a name, the members replied, “hens are funny and seals clap”,  and they they were asked to illustrate their vision in drawings that were used for the bottle’s label.

Earthy with notes of plum and wild dark berry fruit, Gallinas y Focas offers mouth warming spices with acidity that lifts the palate.  And with proceeds from sales that benefit Amadip Esment, this is one wine that gifts the palate as it keeps giving.

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