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Harvesting at Forlorn Hope

The harvest report is in from Matthew Rorick at Forlorn Hope, which began on August 15th, two weeks ahead of his predictions!  Thanks Matthew for these super cool shots from the vineyard.


Our 2012 harvest launched with an amazingly early pick of Verdelho from the Vista Luna Vineyard.  Intense flavors, bright acidity, absolutely unique soils, Verdelho Submarine.

Three weeks in to the 2012 harvest, and we’re all smiles here at FH-HQ. All of the fruit brought in thus far has shown flavor development well in advance of sugar accumulation. Big flavors, bright acidity, and lower alcohols? Yeah, we’re all smiles.


All of our Verdelho has been picked; some is close to finishing fermentation already (!). We’ve begun experimenting with different sites for this variety, this year taking fruit not only from our friends the DeWitts in Amador but also from Vista Luna (Markus Bokisch) and Silvaspoons (Ron Silva). Verdelho continues to demonstrate its affinity for California soils and climate, and we’re looking forward to exploring the differences in site in our finished wines.


We’ve also brought in our second vintage of Trousseau gris — ok, well, it’s really our first. Last year our nursery project with Roger King yielded a scant 7 gallons of wine; this year, we’ll have something along the lines of a barrel and a half. Hand harvested, whole-cluster fermented, and just pressed yesterday, the juice is roughly three-quarters finished with fermentation and (so far) doesn’t display the slight tint of gris that last year’s wine did… though it’s still early days. Stay tuned!

And new this year, we’re honored to begin working with Pinot Gris from Tegan Passalacqua’s Kirschenman Vineyard. Most of this fruit was given a long repose post-pick as whole clusters, then trod, then pressed; a small portion was sent directly to press. We’re excited to have two distinct iterations of the same fruit: one slightly pink, one completely white.

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  1. This is a great post about the harvest and nice pictures.

    September 14, 2012

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