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Au Revoir Elodie

Today we bid adieu to Elodie, our Billecart-Salmon intern who’s been working in-office with Geoffrey Loisel, who serves as the General Manager for Billecart-Salmon in the U.S.

“I’ve been drinking Billecart-Salmon since I was born,” said Elodie with a laugh, adding that her father is a Sales Director for Billecart in the west of France.  “I really love Billecart, so for me, to come and work with for Billecart…I learned a lot.”  Working in sales, communications, event planning and administration, Elodie takes home the experience of New York (“a city that never stops”) and a newfound knowledge of Billecart’s different cuvées.  “I like the Extra Brut with fish,” she added, “and I love the Elisabeth Salmon.  I drank only one bottle of Le Clos Saint-Hilaire in my life, in New York for my 21st birthday.  It was…I don’t know how to describe it.  It was just amazing, and after 45 minutes it was better than in the beginning.  A 1996, it could have aged more in the cellar, maybe 10-15 years.”

From Nantes, Elodie is a second year business student at the university in La Roche sur Yon, who was required to conduct an internship abroad.  And though her father volunteered an assist, she was determined to find an internship on her own.  Contemplating work in fashion, Elodie searched high and long, until she was finally forced to disgorge her efforts and that’s when her father put her in touch with Geoffery.

After helping coordinate events such as the Billlecart-Salmon dinner with Thomas Baillault of L’Arôme at the Hôtel Americano–complete with rooftop flutes and dinner pairings–Elodie isn’t quite ready to leave the city and is hoping to return for another internship next summer.

“I’m really sad to go back to France,” she said, “but it’s the life!” she added and laughed, before offering a big thanks to Geoffery, “for all he’s done for me!”

Bon Voyage Elodie!



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    August 30, 2012

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