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Cool Climate Sauvignon Blanc from Casablanca Valley

Aiming to infuse big joy into the last month of summer, we’re shining a light on the best bang for everyone’s buck–Chilean Sauvignon Blanc from Casablanca Valley.  Located just 30 km from the Pacific Coast, Casablanca Valley is much like Carneros.  Planted to wandering bovine herds until the mid-1980’s, Casablanca Valley was put on the viticultural map by Pablo Morande, while Carneros was once home to a multitude of ranches before becoming established, in the mid-80’s, as a wine region.  At 33º south of the equator, Casablaca Valley shares three degrees of separation from Carneros, which sits at 36º north.   And while both regions sit in such close proximity to the Ocean, Casablanca Valley experiences the benefits of the fog and mist that rolls in off the Pacific, while Carneros receives the same coolants from the San Pablo Bay.  Home to winds that keep the vines free from botrytis, both areas yield fresh wines that are crisp with acidity, and perfect for summer imbibing.

With similiarities that extend beyond the surface, Casablanca Valley supports sandy loam and clay loam on the valley floor (with clay on the hillsides), while Carneros consists of shallow clay-loam soils and clay.  And while the values that arise from each region are often priced at opposing ends of the spectrum, the quaility of cool-climate Sauvignon Blanc wines from each area mirror each other in excellence.

Born from our frustration with the over-ripe, over-oaked wines of 1994, the intentions behind La Mallorquina and Mahu originated with our first trip to Chile, when we encountered Pablo Morande.  One of Chile’s most influential winemakers who first discovered the potential of Casablanca Valley, Pablo was the first to note the similarities between here and Carneros.

Fast ferment nearly 20 years later, Casablanca Valley now has over 10,000ha undervine.  With the Andes to the east and the Pacific to the west, and the Atacama Desert at its northern most point, Chile’s geographical isolation has kept its vines free from phylloxera, offering wines from vines with original rootstocks.  Representing our desire to bring you wines with extended cold fermentations, these wines are the result of our commitment to purchase stainless steel tanks of wines that were crafted at the hands of the Chilean master Pablo Morande.

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