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Team TEW Trains for the Gran Fondo NY 2012

 KU winning the Individual Time Trial at Fitchburg Longsjo Classic 2006

51 days and 13 hours left until the start of the Gran Fondo NY.  Things are gearing up for Team TEW.  Those of us who are shooting for the 100 mile ride are seeking miles; others are working spinning classes to prepare the sitbones and legs.

This week, I’m profiling myself…The picture above?  It’s from many moons ago, when I used to race with Team Comedy Central.  The Fitchburg Longsjo Classic was a 4-day stage race in Fitchburg, MA, and I did it twice, finishing 2nd in 2005 and 3rd in 2006.  It was a great race for me, because the first stage was the ITT, which I won with a margin both times.  And though I lost some time on the mountain stage on day three, I had enough time banked to finish well in the GC (General Classification). 

I retired from racing in 2007, after putting in five years.  It was great while it lasted, but training and racing ate large chunks of my life, and in 2007, I sold my Zipp Wheels to enroll in the WSET Intermediate Wine Class at IWC.

How did it all begin?  I’d never been an athlete, though I’d maintained a very basic level of fitness, doing three-mile runs on the track when I lived in the East Village.  And then one day, after moving up to Harlem, I was hammering my hybrid through Central Park, when some guy came up to me and suggested that I get a road bike…and so I did.  And by the next year, I was racing.

When I first learned that we’d be sponsoring the Gran Fondo NY, I figured I’d train for a couple of months and ride the 55 miles, because I didn’t want to take off too much time from running.  In 2007, when I quit racing, I started running, including 10, 12, 15, or even 18 mile runs, when I wasn’t injured.  Last year, I won the lottery for the NYC Marathon, but a stress fracture kept me out…A few weeks ago, it donned on me…Why not do the 100 mile ride and then train for the NYC Marathon in November? And so, despite my lack of serious training this week, due to a fabulous trip to Burgundy, I’m going for it.

Why do I ride?  Racing with Team Comedy Central taught me that cycling was one avenue of life, where I could set a goal and immediately achieve it, because the only obstacle to factor was me.  That’s why I loved the ITT, the race against the clock. There was never anything in the way of winning, but myself.  And so I’m setting this goal to ride the 100 miles, because once any goal is met, it’s easy to transfer this energy into all other aspects of life.

From TB’s ride on Wednesday

Training Report for last week:

TB, our fabulous and fearless leader put in a great showing yesterday, “Today 2h30 39 miles–lots of hills and one big one after I lost my way.  Pretty good day mentally getting beyond a few climbs and some wind.  Still working on getting my cadence up there.”  I have no doubt that he’ll find this cadence as he’s shooting up the climbs of the Gran Fondo!

I took my running shoes to Burgundy, and got in a 30 minute run in Beaune.  Returning from the trip on Sunday, run-down and sick, I spun for 60 minutes on the trainer Monday night, and rode for an hour last night in Central Park.  I’m looking forward to recovering in time to get in some serious miles this upcoming weekend.

Patrick’s back on the bike, and put in some serious miles over vacation:

3/18 – 27 mi

3/19 – 40 mi

3/20 – 40 mi

3/22 – 30 mi

3/24 – 35 mi

Overall avg of 16.2 mph

Overall avg of 140 bpm

No cadence measurement

From PC’s ride over the GWB on Saturday

PC‘s report:  “Just rode for the fourth time in the past eight days — so while those of you traveling thru Spain, Italy, France (and Florida) are living on thinly sliced pork, red wine and second-hand cigarette smoke, some of us here are still holding down the fort at the office and on the bike.

Yesterdays ride to The Park — two laps plus an extra Harlem Hill (1st lap at 19.5 mph, 2nd with extra hill at 19.0)… Today was over the bridge up 9W to the Ranger Station at the end of River Road and back (42 miles @ 17 mph overall  including the eight mile stretch from the Ranger Station back to the bridge at 19.8 mph for 24 minutes).

The bike fitness is starting to come. Slowly, but it’s coming.”

Georgia, after leading our team through Burgundy, came home Sunday night (after traveling for 20 hours!) and did a stairs workout, then got up Monday morning for a 45-minute spin class.  Needless to say, she, like myself, is also now feeling under the weather!

Danielle, who is riding a steel-frame bike with down-tube shifters, took her first spin class after returning from Burgundy this week.  “I went to my first spin class in years yesterday and my a** is really sore.  I don’t remember that being a consequence.  Not, in a sore because I worked out, kind of way, but like I was on the saddle wrong.  It hurts to sit down.”  Despite the sore sit-bones, Danielle used to ride her steel frame up and down the hills of San Francisco, so I’m sure she’ll ride just fine!

 The Ashokan Reservoir

JP sent this report of his 57 mile ride on Thursday: “This is the view while riding along the Ashokan Reservoir this AM.  I wanted to jump in there so bad.  This was a new loop for me today and the scenery was breathtaking.  I really hope to be able to ride it together.”  Yesterday, he wrote, “So, it was too cold and wet for me to ride outside this AM, so I did 1.5 hrs on the trainer, pushing it pretty hard.  Can’t take more than 2 days off in a stretch…the fondo is coming up quick.”  Indeed it is!

Rainlove, of the Standard Hotel, “did 50 miles in Prospect Park in Sunday in just over 3 hours.  25 miles the day after work.”

Nice work everyone! Looks like there might be rain on Saturday, but Sunday is expected to be sunny–an excellent day for riding!

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