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White Clay from Spain, A Story of Terroir

Next month, sharing a table alongside our French producers, Emmanuelle of enw céramique, Aix en Provence, will have her American debut, as she showcases her pieces of earth during the first week of April, with T. Edward.  As a dear friend of TEW, we are happy to introduce Emmanuelle and to share a few select pieces.  Working with “white earth” terroir, sourced from northern Spain, Emmanuelle handcrafts all of her pieces.

“These pieces strike me as do rare exotic wines,” says TB.  “I’m completely taken by her talent, and by her unbridled passion for the earth from which she forms.” Natural winemaking has met its counterpart.  Never a mold, nor duplicity in her works.

“The process of sourcing, warming, softening, kneading, spinning, drying, cooking in the kiln, cooling, painting, cooking again and drying is impressionable, and her one-of-a-kind pieces are priceless,” he adds.  “The eight months wait is worth it.”

If you’re attending our French Portfolio Tasting, be sure to pay Emmanuelle a visit. If not, please visit her site at:  for we all speak the language of terroir.


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