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Team TEW Trains for the Gran Fondo NY 2012

PC Riding the Gran Fondo NY 2011

 A couple of months ago, we announced that we’re sponsoring the Gran Fondo NY, which you can read all about here.  At that point, there were 184 days left to train; now the fire’s in the can, and we’re down to 60 days and 19 hours until the Gran Fondo NY begins.  The clock is ticking and for many of us at Team TEW, the training began at the beginning of March.  On May 20th, the day of the ride, there will be two options, the  Medio Fondo NY, which is a 65 mile ride; and the Gran Fondo, which is 100 miles long.  Both rides involve a fair amount of climbing.  From now until then, Tuesday’s blog posts will be devoted to shop-talk, including profiles of each rider, because half the fun of training is talking about the ride.

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