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Domaine de Suffrene

Domaine de Suffrene, Mouvedre 70 ans

Before attending Vinisud in Montepellier, our team visited Domaine de Suffrene in Bandol.  In the family for multiple generations, Domaine de Suffrene is situated on sandy-silt-laden, calcareous and clayey soils, with vines that extend over 45ha between the municipalities of Cadiere d’Azur and Castellet.  With Cedric Gravier now driving the train, in 1996, the estate went from selling grapes to cooperatives to producing and bottling wines under its namesake.  Here, the cultivation is traditional, with old vines that are pruned during the green harvest in July, to allow for yields of 40 hl/ha, when the grapes are harvested by hand.

Suffrenes lieu-dit Les Lauves.  These are 60-90 year old Mourvedre & Carignane vines.  The soil here has more limestone than clay, resulting in a more elegant style [of wine].


TEB & Cedric Gravier at Suffrene


JP with 60-year old vine in Bandol.


Suffrene.  The flat rock on the left represents the work it takes to clear a vineyard and prepare it for planting.


This is a view from the above photo.  The setting just below is a newly planted vineyard at Suffrene.  Notice the red clay here, versus the limestone in Les Lauves.  These create more powerful wines, though the altitude adds freshness.


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