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Western Carriers–A Wine’s Journey

On Monday, Peter, Taylor and I ventured through the tunnel to our warehouse/distribution facility, Western Carriers, in New Jersey.  With five buildings and over a million square feet of temperature controlled space, Western Carriers is the largest of maybe five such warehouses in the NY/NJ area.  Here, you’ll find ceiling fans large enough to lift and propel the building off the ground, and approximately 2 million cases of wine, 40,000 of which belong to T. Edward Wines.

Catering to 150 importers, wholesalers and retailers, Western delivers five days a week, to over 1,000 of our accounts monthly!

Taylor conducting an inventory check

When coming from overseas, the wine is first collected by our consolidators, who work in conjunction with transit companies to bring our wines from winery to port.  With each container holding 1,200 cases, it takes  3-4 weeks for each shipment to arrive at Port of Newark from Europe, and approximately 8 weeks to arrive from South America.

Taylor & Omar counting boxes

From Western, we sell and ship over 200 such containers a year, to distributors in over 20 states.  When the wine comes from the west coast, it’s trucked to our warehouses in Salt Lake City, before making its way to Western.

Sylvain Langoureau St. Aubin 1er Cru


A palate of Passopisciaro from Mt. Etna in Sicily


Jéroboams of Billecart-Salmon Brut Rosé


One of our three rows of wine, a bird’s eye view


Liz at the touch screen

In the office, Liz demonstrated Western Carriers’ touch screen maps.  From here, she can track each truck on the road (30+ at any one time), and where it is in relation to its destination, providing an accurate ETA.

Peter, Kim and Taylor outside Warehouse 5

We’ve been working with Western, where Kim has been our go-to,  for as long as we can recall.  Orders go in daily, and to the bottle, Western ships directly to each and every account,completing every bottle’s journey from its producer to its consumer–You.


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  1. Great report! Thanks Karen! Good info and fantastic pictures. It is great to know who are behind wine distribution and seems Western Carriers are good collaborators. By the way… I can see our wines in the first picture …:)

    January 13, 2012
    • Hey Roberto!
      Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the piece. I learned a lot myself; it was a pretty cool trip! Cheers!

      January 13, 2012

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