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Sybille Kuntz Estate–Harvest Report 2011

Sybille Kuntz Estate

We’ve just received a harvest report from Sybille Kuntz Estate along with some awesome vineyard shots. Enjoy!

Lieser, October 6th 2011

What a harvest!

Are we allowed to show our excitement already, at just the beginning of the 2011 harvest?

Our Kabinett is collected in our vineyards at Bernkastel-Kues, adjacent to the vineyards of the Niederberg-Helden in Lieser. Since September 28th the sugar readings have been between 95° to 100°Oechsle (25° Brix).

The preharvest in the Niederberg-Helden has been in progress for the past two days. The yield is very low, because after the green harvest at the end of August, the hail that followed decimated the yield again.

The sugar reading shows already an amazing range between 120° Oechsle (30 “ Brix) of the “normal” grapes while the raisin grapes have 220° Oechsle (55° Brix).

Also our Spätburgunder in the Markgräflerland (Baden) had at harvest on the 29th of September over 100° Oe (25° Brix). The color extraction of our second „Pinot Noir“ is super.

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