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Fattori Wines–The Garganega Harvest August 30, 2011

Just in from the folks at Fattori Wines: The Garganega Harvest, August 30, 2011!

Up to the 15 August we had perfect conditions: mild temperatures, fresh sometimes cold nights, well distributed rainfall. This situation allowed an excellent maturation of the Pinot Grigio, harvested from 16 August, with healthy conditions and excellent concentration of sugar/acidity, completely uncompromised by the extreme heat of the previous 2 weeks.

The high temperatures registered in the last two weeks, along with the absence of rainfall, are creating a few problems in the hills that are very dried and have not compacted earth. In any case the current weather is slightly lowering the acidity, the reason for which, from today we have started to harvest the Soave Motto Piane and Recioto.

Next Monday we will start the Garganega harvest for the Soave Classico Runcaris and the Soave Danieli always with the intention of keeping unchanged the acidic balance, in particular the aromatic characteristic which, considering the excellent summer we have had up until mid August ought to be of great interest.

Now we only need to give the last effort harvesting under this torrid sun.

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