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The Crus of Savoie

T. Edward Wines, New York fine wine importer/distributor, Savoie, Domaine les Cantates,

Domaine les Cantates

We are crazy about Savoie! Domaine les Cantates, Domaine Lupin and Domaine Delalex, all tucked between Jura, Switzerland and Bugey. Home to a range of mountains, lakes and rivers Savoie has three appellations and over 2100ha of vines spread across its alpine terrain. With steep-slopes, a mountainous topography and local varietals, Savoie produces 70% white wine with a palate that mirrors its Alpine surroundings: light in color, airy, clean and bright, and mineral driven. And while 95% of these wines were consumed locally until recently, it’s high time we shine a light on Savoie and its 17 crus. Read more

Naturally Made Wines – A State of Mind with Sebastien David & Chahut et Prodiges

T. Edward Wines, New York organic wine importer, Chahut et Prodiges

Chahut et Prodiges

Much has changed in the perception, production and market of naturally made wines over the past ten years. Of course we’ve had winegrowers such as Robert Sinskey who has been organic and Demeter certified for 25 years, and Pierre Frick who has farmed organically since 1970 and biodynamically since 1981, but ‘natural wines’? That’s another story. This week, we sat with Sebastien David, Gregory Leclerc of Chahut et Prodiges and his wife Anne Paillet of Dm Autour de L’Anne, to discuss organic and biodynamic wines in France and abroad. Read more

Humble Sancerre

T. Edward Wines, New York fine wine importer/distributor, Philippe Raimbault

Philippe Raimbault

Siobhan Lowe is recently back from Loire with a few thoughts on Philippe Raimbault and Sancerre.

Sancerre has become a brand of wine, kind of like saying Kleenex as a catchall for tissue. So it may come as a surprise that the town of Sancerre is a sleepy, medieval hilltop town with a population of under 2,000. I asked some locals whether the town had become overrun in recent years with wine tourists and they shrugged, not really. Read more

All Roads Lead to Burgundy

T. Edward Wines, New York organic wine importer/distributor, Burgundy

John Coyle spend eight days with Patrick Burke in France. Read his thoughts here on Burgundy!

January 27th

The journey began with a strike at the car rental place that  bookended beautifully with a taxi strike the last day heading home to the airport….Viva la France.

When I think of great wines that I love, all roads lead to Burgundy.  I was looking forward to meeting Pascal Arnoux, our new Savigny/Chorey producer, and tasting through his wines. Pascal is the real deal, hands of stone and five generations of wine DNA informing every little detail. He explained with great passion how they hand harvest all the grapes, the importance of vineyards that are sustainably farmed and the use of natural yeast. His obsession with precise temperature control, so that the wines keep their finesse, and his bottling by the lunar cycle is what makes these wines stand tall against his neighbors.  Read more

The Genial Reign of “SevenFifty”


Aaron Sherman at “SevenFifty”

“We probably first had conversations about “SevenFifty” around 2007 or 2008,” said Aaron Sherman, one of “SevenFifty’s” co-founding members alongside Gianfranco Verga and Neal Parikh. “When the idea first sprouted up, we kept waiting for somebody else to do it. It seemed so obvious. It seemed so clear that somebody else would do this. I was working as a sommelier and Gianfranco was working in bars. We had no ambition of getting into technology.” Until they met Neal, who had spent time in Silicon Valley, completing his PhD in Computer Science while the company was just getting off the ground.

Read more

David Giuliano on Voice & Wine at The Clam


David Giuliano of The Clam

“Selling wine is about story telling. Everything that happens before you put it in the glass is more interesting than what’s actually in the glass. That’s me,” said David Giuliano, Beverage Director at The Clam, Market Table and The Little Owl. “That’s the way I like to train my staff. And for my very adventurous, interesting and eclectic West Village clientele, they also agree with me.” Read more

Behind the Scenes at The Standard With Rainlove Lampariello


Rainlove Lampariello of The Standard

Born on a commune to hippie parents in California, Rainlove Lampariello, the Regional Beverage Director at The Standard, grew up in Brooklyn and was working at places like the Limelight, the Palladium, the Underground and Funhouse by the time he was fifteen years old. After a stint in Miami, as it was becoming South Beach, Rain returned to New York and landed at Sign of the Dove. “It was an exquisite restaurant with three stars on 65th and 3rd Avenue,” he said. “When you get three stars, you start to learn about wine, real drinks and service. I was always a great fast bartender, but that was a whole different environment. You think you’re great until you get to a place where you have to go into the kitchen and say, Yes Chef. Oui Chef. That’s where wine started. But I didn’t truly get into wine until I worked at Balthazar.” Read more

Organically Farming Corbières with Sainte Croix

T. Edward Wines, New York organic wine importer & distributor, Sainte Croix, Corbieres

Sainte Croix, Corbières

In 2004, when Jon and Elizabeth Bowen of Sainte Croix were looking for a property to call their own, Jon had a few prerequisites in mind. “Old Carignan, old Grenache and limestone,” he said. “And then we came across an area which I now know as Hautes Corbières, which I didn’t really know at all because like everyone else you either go down the coast, without getting too tied up in the geography, or you go way inland. There’s a zone between the two, which always gets bypassed, which is kind of cool because it’s the best bit,” he added and laughed. “The first time I saw that, I thought firstly, how do I not know about this and secondly, I think we can call the search off now.” Read more

Looking Back on the Bounty of 2015


Francesco Grosso of Marea, Pam Yung & José Ramirez-Ruiz of Semilla, Lee Campbell of Andrew Tarlow’s group, Sean Sant Amour of Blue Ribbon, Bill Fitch of Vinegar Hill House

2015 was an amazing year of great growth and change for us here at TEW! We added a number of new members to our family, both producers and in-house, and we wrote about a great many of our friends and supporters here in NYC. We thank you for an amazing year, as we look forward to sharing another vintage of peace, prosperity and great wine in 2016. Read more

Happy Holidays!

T. Edward Wines, New York wine importer/distributor, Holiday 2015 2

Wishing you and yours a beautiful holiday season and a happy and healthy 2016!


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