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Happy Thanksgiving!

happy thanksgiving 2015, T. Edward Wines, New York Organic Wine importer/distributor

We’re counting our blessings, one-by-one, and wishing you a beautiful Thanksgiving holiday with your families, friends and loved-ones.

Daringly Delicious at High Wire Distilling


Scott Blackwell at High Wire Distilling

When Scott Blackwell was a baker, he developed a line of gluten-free products with alternative grains. As the distiller at High Wire, he and his wife Ann Marshall craft Sorghum Whiskey and Four Grain Bourbon. “He has researched so many grains and knows innately their flavor profiles,” said Ann. “He really gets what a grain is going to add to a spirit and he can mix and match and blend accordingly. He has a very sophisticated palate. He can look at a mash bill and already have a feel for what it’s going to taste like.” Read more

Crafting Cider at Foggy Ridge with Diane Flynt

Diane Flynt at Foggy Ridge Cider

Diane Flynt at Foggy Ridge Cider

Growing up near her grandparents’ farm, Diane Flynt of Foggy Ridge Cider has always wanted to return to the land. “I graduated from college in the ‘back to the land’ movement and really wanted to be a farmer,” said Diane, “but I couldn’t envision how to do that in an economically sustainable way, so I parked that ambition and had a wonderful career in the business world.” When she married at the age of 40, it was understood that she and her husband would some day return to farming. “By that time I had explored a lot of options horticulturally and really knew that I liked growing woody plants, trees and shrubs,” she added. “I also knew that I needed the intellectual stimulation of making something.” And so, in late 1997, Diane and her husband planted their first apple cider trees. Read more

Taste History at TEW


French Offerings

This past Tuesday we uncorked some amazing bottles for our Taste History event, because as every buyer knows, it’s OND. October-November-December, when spirits are high and hearts and wallets are open. We splurge on our loved ones and ourselves. We dine and wine and welcome opportunities to share bottles of Billecart-Salmon Cuvée Nicolas François Billecart 2002, Passopisciaro Contrada Porcaria 2011, Amiot-Servelle Chambolle-Musigny 2013, Vineyard 29 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Aida Estate 2012 and Eric Artiguelongue Armagnac 1974. However, since every buyer has a different aesthetic and approach, we spoke to a few friends to learn more about how they stock the cellar and shelves as the holiday season nears. Read more

Between Two Cities with Bill Fitch


Bill Fitch of Vinegar Hill House

“It’s humans making things with the earth,” said Bill Fitch on wine, “trying to preserve the beauty of the earth, the diversity of the ecosystem and creating a new aesthetic that’s based on ethical ideas. It doesn’t matter how pretty something is. Good aesthetics are rooted in good ethics, and I think that’s a wonderful idea that isn’t talked about because no one wants to talk about that kind of thing.” Spending his time between New York and Paris, two thirsty cities with opposing views on the consumption of wine, Bill has been responsible for the wine list at Vinegar Hill House since its inception in 2008. Read more

From Field-to-Glass at Far North Spirits

T. Edward Wines, New York Craft Spirits Distributor, Far North Spirits, Swanson Rye

Swanson Rye at Far North Spirits

“My dad always looked different at harvest time because it was very rewarding,” said Michael Swanson of Far North Spirits. “It sounds very simplistic but it was real.” It was this remembrance that drove Mike and his wife Cheri Reese back to his family’s farm in their native Minnesota. “I wanted to get out of corporate. I started thinking we should make a finished product instead of a commodity. You can have a little more control over it. Then it occurred to me…I know what you make out of grain. So I drew up a plan for a distillery.” Read more

A Year in New Wine, The Tasting


Thank you to everyone who came out on Tuesday to A Year in Wine at Lafayette! It’s been quite a year since our 20th Anniversary Tasting in 2015. Keeping things fresh, we opted to pour only items that had joined our book since then, including 34 estates and 6 new craft distilleries, totaling over 200 additions to our portfolio! We’ve been busy! We hope you had a chance to taste through everything, from Domaine Arnoux to Xavier Benier and Nicolas Badel. Bodegas RE, Hudson Vineyards, Vodopivec, Pfluger and High Wire Distilling. We also saw new additions from Matthiasson, Forlorn Hope, Teutonic, Rio Maggio and Pierre Frick. Big thanks to our friends André Tamers at De Maison Selections, Bill and Byron at Goatboy Selections, Emily Kunhardt of Craft Distillers and Roberto Ijalba of Bodegas Santalba. We hope to see you all again soon! Read more

2014 at Do Ferreiro with Manuel Méndez

T. Edward Wines, New York organic wine importer/distributor, De Maison Selections, Do Ferreiro, Albarino

“Cepas Vellas” 200+ year-old Albarino Vines at Do Ferreiro

In 1973, Geraldo Méndez’s father purchased a plot of land in Rias Baixas that became Do Ferreiro. “They really bought it because of the house,” said Manuel Mendez, who now works with his father Geraldo. “When they began to clean the whole area, they realized that they had those great vineyards. They didn’t know that. It was very lucky.” Very lucky indeed, as the tiny plot besides the house turned out to be Cepas Vellas (“Old Vines”), 1.5ha of 200+ year old Albariño vines. Read more

Ancestral Varietals at Dominio do Bibei

T. Edward Wines, New York fine wine importer/distributor, De Maison Selections, Dominio do Bibei

Dominio do Bibei

“When you’re an interventionist, you’re changing the profile of the vines,” said Iría Otero of Dominio do Bibei, in Ribeira Sacra. “We’re not exactly biodynamic, because there are some things in biodynamics that we don’t completely love, so we started to work organically. We try to be very respectful. There has been no intervention since the beginning, but for the past four to five years, we’ve gotten more into organic farming. I think it’s an idea of balance and respect. It’s a way to respect Mother Nature. To try to not take too much from the vineyard, just what it gives. The quality is better. The production is lower, but we don’t mind. We get better quality and more balanced wines.” Read more

Low-Touch Wines & Spirits with Tom Kearney at June Wine Bar

T. Edward Wines, Natural Wines & Spirits, Wine importer/distributor, Tom Kearney, June Wine Bar, Karen Ulrich for T. Edward Wines

Tom Kearney at June Wine Bar

When June Wine Bar first opened at the start of 2015 on Court Street in Brooklyn, it was an industry destination. But it didn’t take long for June to settle into the streets of Cobble Hill, where it quickly became a neighborhood haven. “Here, the audience that we’ve captured is really into natural wines,” said Chef/co-owner Tom Kearney. “But I don’t think it’s because we’re a natural wine bar, but because of the neighborhood we’re in. People are pretty open-minded. I think it’s a refreshingly informed group who are coming here,” he continued. “We were really surprised by the amount of people who were conversed on the vernacular of natural wines when we opened.” Read more


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