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Passport Terroir. Winemakers’ Salon, May 6th

Passport Terroir, Charity wine tasting, Organic wine importer, New York wine distributor

We are proud to announce Passport Terroir, a charity tasting that communes wine growers with consumers in conjunction with our 20th Anniversary Trade Tasting on May 6th, at Carroll Place, 157 Bleecker Street.

Located in the old Kenny’s Castaways, a venue that gave voice and stage to a range of musicians from Bruce Springsteen to The New York Dolls and Patti Smith, to The Fugees and Phish, Passport Terroir will honor yet another set of superstars during this two hour walk-around tasting, featuring 100 participating winemakers. Read more

The Uncorking of Spring Rosé Tasting

T. Edward Wines, Organic wine importer/distributor, New York wine importer/distributor, Rosé, Karen Ulrich for T. Edward Wines

Big thanks to everyone who came out to yesterday’s Uncorking of Spring Rosé Tasting in Studio 206! Roused from a long winter slumber by the early bursts of sun, the crowd fill the room by 11, and kept on coming at the speed of 33 RPM. And as if 32 bottles of rosé weren’t enough to inspire, we added a few numbers from two new Austrian producers–Mantlerhof and Fischer– alongside select offerings from Vins de Vienne, who were represented by Marie Melodie, who happened to be visiting.  In addition to everyone’s favorites, including Clos Cibonne, Domaine la Suffrene, Chateau Coussin, Pigoudet and Ameztoi Rubentis, we welcomed a number of new wines which kept the palates juicy and wanting: Altenburger RoSée Connection, Riedlin Spätburgunder Rosé, Matthiasson Rosé, Forlorn Hope Kumo to Ame Rosé and Bebame.

In between flipping vinyl on the turntable and keeping bottles chilled, we grabbed the chance to catch up with a few friends of T. Edward. Read more

Donostia — A Slice of Basque Country in the East Village

T. Edward Wines, New York wine importer/distributor, Donosita, Karen Ulrich for T. Edward Wines

“The Basque have been coming out of the woodwork,” said Jorge de Yarza, who along with his partner Marissa Miller is the proprietor at Donostia, a slice of Basque Country in the East Village.  “We never knew so many Basque were in New York!”  Open in the morning for Café Con Leche and Tortillas, with a wide list of sherry, Txakoli and Pintxos available throughout the day and night, Donostia has quickly become a destination for the homesick from Basque who fill the narrow space alongside locals from the neighborhood. Read more

#SinskeyNYC @IlBuco_AV

T. Edward Wines, Importer/Distributor organic wines, Maria Sinskey, Donna Leonard, Karen Ulrich for T. Edward Wines

Maria Sinskey & Donna Leonard of Il Buco Alimentari

Happy Friday! Happy Spring! We bring you great joy from today’s luncheon at Il Buco Alimentari with Maria Sinskey. Descending from the heavens of  Napa Valley, Maria hosted us for a fabulous luncheon at Il Buco, where she introduced the latest releases from Robert Sinskey, including Vin Gris 2013, Pinot Blanc 2012, Abraxas 2012, Pinot Noir 2011, POV 2010 and Marcien 2008. Sneak peek…they’re all pretty amazing. Read more

Single Vineyard Bottlings from Les Lauves, Bandol

T. Edward Wines, New York wine importer/distributor, organic wine importer, Domaine la Suffrene, Karen Ulrich for T. Edward Wines

Generating attention for the unheralded wine regions of the world Eric Asimov has recently written about Amontillado, Sicilian reds, and now Bandol. Exposing atypical wines and their regions to a worldwide readership, Asimov concedes that these wines might not be readily available at every local store; however, it’s gem estates like Domaine la Suffrene Bandol, that make every bottle worth seeking.

Read more

Preserving Traditions at the Still, with Ansley Coale

T. Edward Spirits, Germain-Robin, Craft Distillers, New York spirits distributor

Hubert Germain-Robin & Ansley Coale, 2005 (photo credit)

Earlier this week, we posted Part I of this interview with Ansley Coale, “Ansley Coale on the History of Micro-Distilleries in the U.S.”. What follows is the second half of our chat with Coale, who co-founded Germain-Robin in 1982, and established Craft Distillers in 2003.  Cheers!

How did you go about crafting your recipes for the brandies, including the apple, the absinthe and pear liqueur?

By experimentation and experience over time. We’ve been doing the Apple for more than 15 years, GR since 1982. You just try and do it better and better and better. There isn’t any other way of doing it. What you do is an interaction of your own knowledge and over 10 years you get better at getting it right. Same thing with brandies. You just start blending them over many tries. Hubert said to me in 1989 that it was the first time he felt like he knew what he was doing. (8 years later!) That’s a long time.  And we still got better at it. Read more

Ansley Coale on the History of Micro-Distilleries in the U.S.

T. Edward Spirits, New York Spirits distributor, Craft Distillers, Hubert Germain-Robin, Ansley Coale, micro-distilleries

Hubert Germain-Robin & Ansley Coale of Germain-Robin, early 80′s

This month we are proud to welcome Craft Distillers to the T. Edward Spirits Portfolio.

Established in 2003 by Ansley Coale– long a pioneer and champion of micro-distilleries– Craft Distillers now includes a number of distilleries that operate alongside Germain-Robin, which was co-founded with Hubert Germain-Robin in 1982 as the first micro-distillery to open in the U.S. since Prohibition.  In addition to Germain-Robin, Craft Distillers now includes Low Gap Whiskey, Fluid Dynamics Blended Cocktails and Los Nahuales Mezcal. What follows below is Part I of a two-part interview with Ansley Coale. Cheers! Read more

A Night at Brooklyn Bowl!

T. Edward Wines & Spirits, Brooklyn Bowl, Karen Ulrich for T. Edward Wines

Big thanks to everyone who came out for a fabulous evening at Brooklyn Bowl this week! There were plenty of Dark Horse cocktails, “spirited” goodie bags prepared by our Spirit Strategist, Scott Rosenbaum, Blue Ribbon fried chicken, gutter balls and strikes. The evening lingered a little longer than planned…not that any one minded! Cheers!

Read more

The Wild Side of Porter Bass

T. Edward Wines, Organic wine importer/distributor, Porter Bass

“Growing up with a house in the middle of a vineyard, I have lots of fond memories running around the vineyard, tasting the fruit, watching my parents make homemade wine,” said Luke Bass, who now lives with his family in the midst of these same vines at the Porter Bass Estate.  In some sense, Luke’s life hasn’t much changed since he first moved to this property in 1980, at the age of five.  “I’ve been pruning and working the vines with my parents for as long as I can remember.”  Selling fruit to Littorai since 1993, and overseeing the vineyard’s transition to organic and biodynamic farming in 1999, Luke has worked his way from Porter Bass to Flowers and back again, to bring us these incredible wines of place from Guerneville, CA, just nine miles from the Pacific Ocean. Read more

Completing the Book on Amontillado

T. Edward Wines, Sherry distributor, De Maison Selections, La Cigarrera

Manzanilla in the Solera at La Cigarrera

Last week, Eric Asimov of the New York Times, published a piece on Sherry, titled “The Book on Amontillado”.  And while we’re glad for the attention that he’s given to sherry over the past few years, we thought it necessary to turn the page in that book on Amontillados, because there’s much more to the novel than Chapter One. Read more


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