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Juno, the Little Storm that Could…

T. Edward Wines, New York wine importer/distributor, Karen Ulrich for T. Edward WinesThe city’s infrastructure (and TEW) might have closed down in the face of Juno, but our spirit was alive and kicking! And while we were spared the eye of the storm that seemed to hit our brethren in Boston, enough snow fell in Central Park and beyond to coat the slopes and trees in winter wonder. Cheers!

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Brett’s in the Air at Threes Brewing

T. Edward Wines, New York wine importer/distributor, Threes Brewery, Karen Ulrich for T. Edward WinesGreg Doroski, Head Brewer at Threes Brewing

“Anytime you push an extreme flavor profile, it gets one-dimensional. If you push alcohol in wine, it becomes the dominant flavor profile,” said Greg Doroski, the head brewer at Threes Brewing in Gowanus. “If you push hops, it becomes about hops. I think there’s a place for extreme everything. It helps set the terms for flavor profiles. Beer is going through a maturation process that’s been pushing the extreme. We’re trying to explore that place in the middle.” Read more

Geoffrey Loisel of Billecart-Salmon Champagne

T. Edward Wines, New York importer/distributor of organic wines, billecart-salmon champagne, geoffrey loiselGeoffrey Loisel at Billecart-Salmon, 2010

It took Geoffrey Loisel, of Billecart-Salmon Champagne, ten years to find his way home. After working for a small wine-importer that was based in Atlanta, Georgia for a year, Geoffrey committed his life as a Frenchman to selling wine in America. After working for a few years with Mary Brizard, a cordial company that’s based in France, Geoffrey moved onto work with Boisset Wines for a year before he entered the world of Champagne through Pommery. When the recession hit in 2008, he realized the lack of potential for growth, and accepted a position with a distributor that’s very much like The Procter & Gamble of wine .“I stayed for one and a half years and realized it wasn’t my thing,” said Geoffrey. “I realized I had to sell good wine to be happy.” And then he found Billecart-Salmon. Read more

Meet Meghan Boledovich, the House Forager at PRINT

T. Edward Wines, New York wine importer/distributor, Meghan BoledovichMeghan Boledovich, the House Forager at PRINT Restaurant

PRINT Restaurant, Adam Block’s first solo-venture in Hell’s Kitchen, practices a form of sustainability that is tough to rival in our current day of Farm-to-Table everything. Here, sustainability extends beyond the earth and those who farm it, to include those who stand to benefit the most from consuming and learning about locally farmed fare. At PRINT, the restaurant’s house forager, Meghan Boledovich, not only secures fresh and local ingredients for the kitchen, but she also ensures that her providers stay true to the values they preach. Read more

Adding to the Conversation at Claudette, with Seth Liebman

T. Edward Wines, New York Organic wine importer/distributor, Seth Liebman, Karen Ulrich for T. Edward WinesSeth Liebman at Claudette

“I remember the early days at Gramercy Tavern,” said Seth Liebman, the spirited Beverage Director at Claudette. “There was a period when we refused to have Merlot on our list because people would come in and instead of asking for red wine, they’d ask for Merlot as the catch all, even if they wanted Cabernet Sauvignon or Cabernet Franc. Now, in large part thanks to the New York somm community, it’s exploded into so many ‘others’. Who would have thunk someone would walk into a place and ask for Ribolla?” Read more

Looking Back on 2014…

T. Edward Wines, Passport Terroir, 20th Anniversary Tasting, The Public Theatre

2014 was an amazing year for all of us here at TEW. And for this, we offer great thanks to our families and friends, to our winegrowers and buyers, and to everyone who supports us and them. Looking back on the year, our 20th as a company, we’ve a lot to reflect on. Cheers to a beautiful year! We look forward to spending 2015 with you! Read more

Happy Holidays!

T. Edward Wines, TEW Holiday greeting 2014

Drinking Italian at Frankies 570 with Orland Delgado

T. Edward Wines, New York wine importer/distributor, Orland Delgado, Karen Ulrich for T. Edward Wines

Orland Delgado at Frankies 570

“You want to have easy drinking wines for the most part to go with food,” said Orland Delgado, of Frankies 570 in the West Village. “Then you want to have bigger wines, something aged, more special, unique, so you get the older vintages. There are certain years that are really good, so I have certain wines that we’re sitting on, because we know they’ll be really great.” Read more

Bubbles in the City, Billecart-Salmon

T. Edward Wines, New York wine importer/distributor, Billecart-Salmon Champagne, 65 Lounge, Karen Ulrich for T. Edward Wines

“Billecart, it’s the perfect Champagne for the Rainbow Room,” said Molly Cohen of the Rainbow Room and SixtyFive Lounge, where the Billecart Brut Reserve is offered in magnum, alongside the Brut Rosé, and by the glass. “I’ve always been a fan. There’s been a lot of excitement once I could get my hands on it. You always feel a little giddy when you pop a bottle of Billecart. As a glass pour, the Brut Reserve works perfectly. It’s a food wine.” As a destination for momentous occasions and its stunning views of Manhattan, the Rainbow Room also offers the Brut Rosé NV and the Cuvée Nicolas Francois Billecart 1999 on its bottle list.

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From Barolo to Cinqueterre, Elio Altare & the Revolution

T. Edward Wines, New York wine importer/distributor, Elio Altare harvestElio Altare at Campogrande in Cinqueterre

When the godfather of Barolo, Elio Altare, purchased Campogrande in 2000, the vineyard had already been abandoned for 50-60 years. “Fifty or forty years ago,” he said, “there were 1,300ha of vineyards. Now, there are 80ha.” Trees were growing through the old pergola wires. “You had to cut the wires so they wouldn’t break the chainsaw,” said Greg Reeves, our Italian Portfolio Director who helped Elio clear the land. They had a helicopter drop in a mini-excavator, and it took three days to clear 2,200 meters of land. The soil was pure rock, each terrace held two to three rows, and the walls were two meters high.  Even now, the terraces require constant attention. Elio is always rebuilding them and this year he will rebuild another. Read more


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